Cultural Heritage at Your Fingertips

Pickens County abounds in historic significance and artistic dedication, with today's residents drawing inspiration from our diverse history, from the Cherokee to Revolutionary War patriot General Andrew Pickens, from statesman John C. Calhoun to the growth of the railroad, from farming to the textile industry to today's colleges and manufacturing companies. Sample historic homes and gardens, like Fort Hill Plantation, home of vice president John Calhoun. Immerse yourself in fine art and whimsical creations at our museums, galleries and Turtles on the Town walk. Hear the past and present merge in our music and historic sites like Hagood Mill or contemporary venues throughout the county.

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Learn more about all Pickens County has to offer. Historic sites, centers for science and learning, museums, tourism centers, and places to explore all enrich your visit to beautiful Pickens County.

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The past is all around you here in Pickens County. Learn how people lived in other times, visit places of cultural significance, and understand how the past enriches the present.

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From railroads to rocks, from famous folks to fun-filled adventures, from amazing art to gracious gardens, our museums will bring you closer to the history, culture and future of Pickens County.