Unique Shops

Shop for yourself, shop for your friends, shop for the fun of seeing the variety of gifts and goodies available in Pickens County's shops and galleries.

Antiques & Uniques Antiques & Uniques Such a variety of antiques. Come in and talk awhile. Fun photography. Phone:  (864) 380-4516City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Aunt Sue's Country Corner Aunt Sue's Country Corner Located on the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway just two miles east of Table Rock State Park, Aunt Sue's is a Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor that houses several local small businesses. Phone:  (864) 878-4366City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Bee Well Honey & Natural Market Bee Well Honey & Natural Market At this Natural Market you will find the shelves are filled with pure natural foods, organic meats, raw milk, bulk grains, herbal supplements and beauty products and of course, fresh honey. Don't forget a cup of coffee. Phone:  (864) 898-5122City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Bevins Hardware Store Bevins Hardware Store Step back in time as you shop at Bevins Hardware Store - you can purchase all the modern needs but in a very friendly hometown atmosphere. Phone:  (864) 878-6171City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Brock's Department Store Brock's Department Store Visitors often comment on the wooden floor, high ceilings and welcoming atmosphere at Brocks Department Store where shopping meets heritage in the area. Phone:  (864) 878-9541City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Carolina Fireworks Carolina Fireworks Carolina Fireworks has been in business for over 50 years and is open to the public. Please call ahead before visiting. Phone:  (864) 850-0077City:  Easley→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Clemson Blue Cheese Clemson Blue Cheese The artisan Blue Cheese is still crafted by hand and continues to make its way into the hearts of cheese connoisseurs for over 78 years. Phone:  (864) 656-2312City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Fran Hanson Discovery Center and Botanical Gardens Fran Hanson Discovery Center and Botanical Gardens The Fran Hanson Discovery Center was built in 1998 as "The Wren House," the first Southern Living© Idea House. Pick up a garden map, a cold drink or a garden souvenir at the Garden Gift Shop located inside the Discovery Center. Phone:  (864) 656-2458City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Garners Huntin & Fishin the Outdoors Garners Huntin & Fishin the Outdoors Everything you need for the outdoor life: camping, hunting, fishing, archery, shooting, instruction, permits and more. Phone:  (864) 843-9692City:  Liberty→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Glazed Glazed Paint your own pottery. Phone:  (864) 643-4242City:  Clemson →  Visit Map
Golden Butterfly Golden Butterfly Beautiful gifts, something special, plan on scheduling an outing in Pickens, SC for a unique shopping experience. Phone:  (864) 878-7529City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site of SC Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site of SC The Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site of SC is open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10am – 4 pm. Phone:  (864) 898-2936City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Hagood Mill Hagood Mill YES WE ARE OPEN FOR NATIVE AMERICAN EVENT!!! Haood Mill Site is open Wed-Sat, 10am-4pm - Please nMILL WILL BE OPEN FOR NATIVE AMERICANote the Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site is open Wed, Fri, Sat 10am-4pm. Phone:  (864) 898-2936City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Hamilton Jewelers Hamilton Jewelers Hamilton Jewelers, family owned since 1912, specializes in luxury jewelry. Phone:  (864) 855-6183City:  Easley→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
L MARINE TEAM PICKENS L MARINE TEAM PICKENS L Marine Team Pickens is the only authorized boat dealership in Pickens County. Phone:  (864) 868-4188City:  Six Mile→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Mountain View Hotel Antiques Mountain View Hotel Antiques Mountain View Hotel Antiques specializes in antiques and collectables. The historic building was built in 1872 and operated as a hotel until 1930. In 1995 the building was restored. Phone:  (864) 306-1069City:  Easley→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Mr. Knickerbockers Mr. Knickerbockers What makes Mr. Knickerbockers unique is its dedication to Clemson University with 100% licensed Clemson products. Phone:  (864) 654-4203City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Mushroom Mountain Mushroom Mountain A visitor to this amazing farm can purchase sawdust spawn, medicinal fungi, indoor kits, books and gifts, mycrogardening supplies, attend workshops, or enjoy a scheduled tour. Phone:  (864) 855-2469City:  Easley→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
My Body Center Spa My Body Center Spa A full service spa, located eight miles west of Clemson in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Phone:  City:  Clemson →  Visit Map
Nestfeathers Nestfeathers Gallery & handcrafted treasures for you and your home. Feather your nest with beautiful and unique handcrafted items for your home and garden, most made by local artisans. Original Oil and Watercolor paintings, Fine Art Prints, Pottery, Wooden Bowles, Spoons, Vases, Pens and Clocks. Handmade Jewelry, Painted Glass and Stone, Photography, Decorative Metalwork, Embroidery, Handmade Hiking Staffs and Brooms, Pine Straw Baskets, Handmade Children's Items, and Many Other Items... Phone:  (864) 878-4460City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Off the Vine Off the Vine At Off the Vine, wine and spirits, we can help you find wines that meet your taste. Phone:  (864) 653-9137City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
PEDAL N SHAK PEDAL N SHAK Bike rental, Refreshments, Biking gear, Repair, 2 hr, 1/2 day & all day and 2-day rentals OPEN Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8am-sun down, Sunday's 2pm - sun down Phone:  (864) 992-9262City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Pickens County Museum of Art & History Pickens County Museum of Art & History Visitors will see a bit of construction repairs at the museum but we are still open to the public. Housed in a 1903 jail and expanded in 2006 this museum houses artifacts representing the heritage of Pickens County, from prehistory to current events and has three art galleries. Phone:  (864) 898-5963City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Pickens Flea Market Pickens Flea Market This flea market boasts to have the largest continuous shed - a quarter of a mile - that wraps around the field of tables. Don't forget the open field, because a lot of the really good loot is there. Phone:  (864) 878-9646City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Pumpkintown Mountain Opry Pumpkintown Mountain Opry This dinner theater offers dinner and a show every Saturday night at 7pm. It is Southern Mountain Theater at its best! Phone:  (864) 836-8141City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Southern Appalachian Outdoors Southern Appalachian Outdoors Fishing, Hiking, Paddling, Biking...and much more! City:  Pickens →  Visit Map
Starving Artist Cafe Starving Artist Cafe Unique Restaurant and Gallery. Homebaked desserts, local coffee and enjoyable atmosphere. Now hosting live music performaces by various local artists Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 7:00 pm. Phone:  (864) 644-8450City:  Easley→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Stitching with Style Stitching with Style With our technology we can stitch any design from a small shirt logo to a full jacket back. Stitching with Style looks forward to working with your for your embroidery needs! Phone:  (864) 506-2454City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
Stockade n Stuff Antiques Stockade n Stuff Antiques The historic Pickens County Stockade was built in 1936 and served as a men's prison until 1968. Now, it is an antique shop where yesterday's history becomes tomorrow's heirlooms. Exciting new items arriving every week, great prices for exceptional quality! Phone:  (864) 979-4891City:  Pickens→  Visit Website →  Visit Map
The ARTS Center of Clemson The ARTS Center of Clemson Our goal is to provide exceptional arts education and make fine art exciting and accessible to our community. The Arts Center has four studio classrooms, coffee bar, gallery and a multipurpose room Phone:  (864) 633-5051City:  Clemson→  Visit Website →  Visit Map