King's Sunset Nursery

Our goal is to produce the best quality plant material and offer it at a reasonable price with the best quality and service that we can offer to our customers. We want you and your customers to be happy with your purchases from King's Sunset Nursery.

King's Sunset Nursery was started by Zuela and Lillie King in the family garden almost 100 years ago. The nursery crops, meant to be an extra income and soon became the main crop grown on the King farm. Trees and shrubs were sold to home owners and people beginning landscaping businesses often for 50 cents (shrubs were as much as .25 cents in the early years).

Today over 600 acres of trees are now in production. Now the nursery is run by 2nd and 3rd generations, Virgil (Bill), Tommy, Roger King, and soon to be 4th generation, Noah. The use of mechanical digger and drip irrigation has made it possible to grow more and larger trees than ever could have been harvested in the earlier years by hand. Machinery is used in place of mules to cultivate and maintain trees. Today most of the trees and shrubs are sold to landscape contractors, re-wholesalers, and garden centers through out the eastern half of the United States.

75 Five Forks Road
Liberty, SC 29657
(864) 843-6880
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